Your source for New Zealand Kikos-The Proven Meat Goat

National Kiko Registry

All KoB Farm Kikos are registered through the NKR.

USDA-SRFI for Mississippi

This is the "Small Ruminant Farm Animal Initiative for Mississippi" (SRFI) that has been featured on Mississippi TV news channels. It can help you get a good start in your operation through information and financial assistance.

Oklahoma State University

Matt attended the Meat Goat Boot Camp, and highly recommends this, or a similar program, to maximize your potential.

Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University has more than just a fantastic football team, they will assist you in your meat goat operation.

International Kiko Goat Association

KoB Farm Sires are "Dual-Registered" with the IKGA and the NKR.

Southeast Kiko Goat Association

KoB Farm is a member of the SEKGA, and participates in auctions, classes, and Round-Ups held by the SEKGA.