Your source for New Zealand Kikos-The Proven Meat Goat

100% NZ Kiko,

PureBred, or Percentage Does

Kiko does are excellent mothers. Their rate of replacement (the number of kids per birthing) out- performs all other meat goat breeds. Kiko does get their kids on their hooves and nursing faster than other meat breeds and will raise them without abandoning those triplets. That puts more goats on your farm, which sets your standard higher than with other breeds. No more "Snubbing Posts" to assist bonding between doe and kids.

NZ's are 100% DNA-tested New Zealand Kiko.

Pure Bred (PB's) are 94% or higher.

Percentage Does are at least 50% NZ Kiko and able to be registered as such. We use Boer and Spanish bucks to add hybrid vigor to the F1 genetic level kids, in some instances. This provides for a fast growing, heavy kid on weaning day. Information and test does are available, simply ask about our cross-breeding program. We have also acquired Myotonic (fainting) does to test cross-breeding with them, thought we have not kidded, yet. We are currently looking for a Savannah to test that crossing, as well.

KoB Farm offers herd does that are registered or non-registered, to fit your needs and budget.