Cross breeding with the NZ Kiko doe.

Cross breeding provides the Goat Rancher with the heaviest goat, in the shortest amount of time. The 1st Generation hybrid kids simply out grow any purebred goat. Studies conducted at Universities of Maryland, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas have proven that the order of highest potential for growth consists of the following crosses:


A Boer buck crossed with a Kiko doe. Now known as the "American Boki".

These kids will produce the greatest weights at weaning day. These goats are now able to be registered through the IKGA.

What is the common denominator?

The New Zealand Kiko doe!

If you have an existing herd and simply want to put out more weight on Sale Day, the Kiko doe is the way to go. Kiko does are proving, again and again, that they are simply the best breed for the meat goat market. Keep your prized buck, and put Kiko does in the pasture with him. You will simplify your kidding season, reduce your parasite control problems, and have less kids to feed with a bottle. Kikos also forage better than other breeds, reducing your feed and hay bills. There is simply nothing negative about the breed unless you hate big, beautiful horns!

Your source for New Zealand Kikos-The Proven Meat Goat

New Zealand Kiko

The straight bred Kiko goat.

This is the fastest growing true breed possibility as proven by the afore mentioned university studies..


A Spanish buck crossed with a Kiko doe.

This cross produces the second heaviest kid at weaning day. We are currently working with the IKGA to have this cross recognized as a true cross, as are the American Boki and American Meat Maker.

American Meat Maker

An American Boki doe crossed with an NZ buck creates a new breed that is recognized by the International Kiko Goat Association (IKGA).

This cross produces a fast growing, hardy goat expressly created for today's meat market production farms. This is much like the production egg-laying hens in the poultry industry. They forage more efficiently, grow faster, and produce a higher quality, higher body condition weanling than any known true breed.